Everyone is looking for the best possible phone, but it’s not always easy to find the right one. It may take a few hours to research specs, read reviews, and compare prices to find the best one. Our phones hold a lot of our private data, so they must be secure and stand up to the latest challenges we face.

Your phones are an extension of you — there in your pocket at all times, and you instinctively use them every time a notification comes through. It’s so frustrating when your phone has trouble loading images or videos or crashes when you’re halfway through your work for the day.

When the loading screen hits, you are faced with the choice: wait and hope it will load before something important pops up, or leave and come back later. With honor 50 12gb ram, waiting for the loading screen is never a problem again. It has 12 GB RAM for all the tasks you need it for, as well as high-performance games to keep you entertained.

Benefits Of Honor 50


RAM is random access memory, an essential part of your android phone’s hardware. It allows your android phone to multitask. Honor 50 is designed to fast in every way, from the chipset to the interface, but memory plays a significant role. Honor 50 comes with 6GB and 12GB of customizable RAM.

12GB RAM is used to help you get over the processing of large data files as quickly as possible. It will ensure that it does not take long to continue with whatever you’re doing.

Multiple Shooting Modes

Single view recording can only capture one angle, missing out on important events. Dual-view recording allows you to record the front and rear camera recordings simultaneously; it helps capture your selfie videos and the subject’s central scene.

It also allows you to use one camera to zoom in while the other camera maintains the wide-angle view. Slow and fast-motion video is a recording mode that will enable you to capture videos faster or slower. It supports 2x and 4x fast motion video slow motion (0.5X slow) video recording.

Latest WI-FI 6 Band

WI-FI is a wireless technology standard that allows your device to connect with the internet. It supports up to 10x faster than the previous generation. It is built to improve performance in high-density scenarios with many connected clients, where your WI-FI network has slowed down. The honor 50 supports the 160MHz band, the best in class.

Regular uploads can achieve downloads without any buffering, even when few devices are connected concurrently. 8K streaming in super quality, it’s smooth multitasking with multiple apps running, and many more that open new doorways to entertainment.

Near Field Communication Technology

Near field communication (NFC) technology is a kind of wireless communication or a set of protocols. It allows two devices to communicate when placed within a few centimeters of each other for short-range communications and for exchanging information between two devices.

Honor 50 has NFC contactless payment feature, which is a beneficial and convenient way to pay from your phone. Your card information is then encrypted and sent to the merchant’s terminal by NFC. The payment process is completed when the payment provider confirms the financial details.

Fast Charging

A charger is an apparatus for charging electric batteries or supplying them with electric current. Innovative technologies and the finest materials combine in the Honor 50 to deliver flagship-level power, performance, and experience that stretches the boundaries of possibility.

So you can do more on your device with superfast charging. With a 66W 10 slays fast charger, you can charge the device within 45 minutes. Fast charging saves you much time.

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